Xining City, more than twenty thousand years of pre-school children will enjoy funding

"In the past, each semester to give the child to pay two thousand yuan tuition fees and expenses from the conservation of the spring semester of this year, the government every year," reimbursement "of $800, equivalent to reducing the burden for the family 1/3……" March 7th, the Xining public Zhang said happily.

the "Xining Municipal People’s Government on the implementation of the implementation of the provisions of" a year education and secondary occupation education funding policy of preschool: from the spring of 2013, Xining City, the full implementation of pre-school education funded inclusive policy, in the city at or above the county level administrative department of Education approval the establishment of nursery school year (kindergarten and schools preschool) in the garden (school) in children, according to the town (city and county) kindergarten students each year not less than 800 yuan (including township), rural kindergarten every year not less than 1200 yuan, by the government to provide conservation education fee subsidy.

according to the Xining Municipal Board of education student financial assistance office staff, from 2013 spring semester, improve Xining City family economic difficulties of preschool children preschool education care subsidy standards, expand the scope of relief funding. With a Xining residence over the age of 3 in the garden of the urban and rural preschool family children, children of martyrs, welfare, child custody of orphans, the fact that no one raising children, from the original model, a class of kindergarten 960 yuan per student per year, two kindergarten 840 yuan per student per year, three kindergarten 720 yuan per student per year. The following three kinds of kindergarten 600 yuan per student per year is adjusted to the kindergarten class, according to the unified standard 1300 yuan per student per year subsidy. The shift, children of preschool funding by the municipal and district (county) by 6 to 4 ratio of share, pre-school education (class) children’s funding criteria and standards, shifting the difference in part by the city and district (county) by 6 to 4 ratio of share. In addition, Xining city will be in the park for disabled children or families of disabled children according to the standard 1300 yuan per student per year with the Xining Municipal Education Bureau, Xining Municipal Finance Bureau, Xining City CDPF "high standard implementation measures" fifteen years of free education funding criteria of children with disabilities in Xining city.

it is understood that at present, Xining city has more than 26 thousand pre-school children can enjoy the subsidy.

development, to further improve the student secondary occupation education system, Xining city from 2012 fall semester, grant is still the standard 1500 yuan per student per year implementation. The spring semester from 2013 onwards, the public and the administrative department of Education approval, in line with national standards in accordance with the law of private secondary occupation school full-time formal school students free tuition, and provide free textbooks for grade one or two prescribed by the state. (author: Chen Jun)


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