The second batch of urban and rural subsidies allocated

September 28th, the provincial Civil Affairs Department to actively coordinate the provincial finance department, issued around the 2014 installment of the minimum amount of subsistence allowances in second. 2014 of the province’s urban and rural subsistence allowances and subsidies to raise funds have been completed. It is understood that the provincial Civil Affairs Department and the Provincial Department of Finance on guaranteeing fund management and distribution of the proposed specific requirements as soon as possible all over the allocation of funds allocated, timely cash to implement low premium low object hands, to ensure the basic living of urban and rural residents. At the same time, strengthen the management of funds, is strictly prohibited misappropriation of funds to ensure the safe operation of urban and rural subsistence allowances. Strict implementation of the requirements of social distribution, and do a good job in the distribution of funds, the timely implementation of the funds and the distribution of the situation reported to the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Department of finance. The total issued 353 million yuan of funds.  

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