Xining City Trade and ndustry Bureau hundred law enforcement special action is solid and effective

City Industrial and commercial bureau "100 day law enforcement special action team to carry out" the dens, habitual brand "work, according to the clues, in the cultural street, Changjiang Road, in one fell swoop seized 22 sales of counterfeit" mutual aid "brand red star tianyoude" cigarettes liquor stores.

According to the

method at present some fake molecular idiomatic and prevent psychological, branch to inspect some stores suspicious clues. Through the efforts, identified the suspected counterfeit "mutual aid" eight Workshop 12 bottles of wine, "mutual aid" Red Star "tianyoude" 20 bottles of wine, "wuliangchun" 7 bottles of wine, "the Yanghe River blue classic" 12 bottles of liquor, "Shanghai wine old kilns" 3 bottles of liquor, "Jiannanchun" 4 bottles of wine, seven varieties of "Great Wall Dry Red Wine" Wine 260 bottles, "China", "Lanzhou" 39 smoke box 94 smoke box, smoke box, "furongwang" 10 "after the smoke box, Furong" 10 "Double Happiness" 10 smoke box, smoke box, "Jin Xuchang" 10 "plum" 10 smoke box, "Hongta mountain" smoke box 10. (author: Chi Ping)


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