Comprehensively implement the policy effect of replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) prev

6 1 day 8:40, value-added tax in our province four pilot industry business tax declaration in the first successful IRS in the city of Xining City District, marking the full implementation of replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) steady through the pilot "newspaper good tax" mark.

it is understood that since May 1st, the national tax system reform is the "key" of replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) completely in my province since landing, further through the chain upstream and downstream enterprises of the value-added tax, effectively reduce the burden on enterprises, and promote the optimization of industrial division, extend the industrial chain driven by demand for our province economic optimization provides a strong support to the rapid development of transformation industrial structure.

there is an increase: minus the industry tax burden, increase the development of emboldened

hotel industry as a life service industry into the scope of the pilot, in fact, get a big ‘tax bonus’ industry. After repeated calculations, compared with the original collection of business tax links, we can pay less than 50 yuan a year tax, the tax burden dropped from the original 5% to $4.25%." Qinghai hotel general manager Yu Haiming said, because the tax is only a tax on value added part, it will be in the enterprise for the production and marketing links, renovation, purchase of fixed assets to link against the input tax effect, effectively reduce the cost of enterprise, not only increase the market competitiveness of enterprises, more confidence and confidence for the long-term development of the enterprise.

cost reduction is one of the supply side structural reform tasks, but also stimulate the vitality of the market, improve the overall factor productivity is an important part. Full swing camp changed to increase the pilot brought four pilot industry tax burden is not only not increased, the cost of the enterprise can be said to be the support of real money.

"in the larger economic downward pressure situation, replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) comprehensive open for enterprises in our province to establish a modern enterprise system, the implementation of scientific management to standardize the operation promoting effect, to further promote the effective investment in supply driven, to supply the demand, so as to enhance the profitability of enterprise investment motivation of innovation and entrepreneurship." The general manager of Qinghai letter and Accounting Affairs Service Co., Zhao Qiyun believes that the four pilot industry is the economic development of our province pillar, replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) for enterprises to reduce costs is just a preliminary positive, to the development of enterprise transformation, improve the core competitiveness will have far-reaching influence, will inevitably bring a multiplier effect to the social and economic development.

: the quality and efficiency of the "double" continue to stimulate the vitality, actively cultivate the market main body

real estate included in the scope of the deduction, the purchase of fixed assets to support small and micro entrepreneurs can apply for small-scale taxpayers, tax incentives……" Small and medium-sized enterprises in the original business tax system, the tax rate is often fixed, the lack of support for the emerging formats. Since the implementation of the reform to increase the implementation of a number of approved by the new policy of encouraging enterprises, is the rise of the United States and Qinghai, to the province’s economic tax sources into a new environment.

into the Xining Biological Park Industrial Park, a fledgling business enterprise is planting wolfberry is a member of the army entrepreneurship development in our province, the company official said: "Chinese wolfberry planting a large initial investment, large investment, the purchase of plant leasing land and other fixed assets is;

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