300 athletes competitive Wushu routine Championship

9 24 April, sponsored by the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau, Qinghai Province Sports Association, Xining Municipal People’s government, the north area of Qinghai province sports work brigade, martial arts association of Qinghai Province, Qinghai Province agricultural township interest Brigade Group hosted the second session of "Xiang fun Cup" Wushu and traditional sports Championships opened in Xining Qu Yuan xiang. Nearly 300 athletes from across the province attended the opening ceremony.

it is understood that the game is divided into children, adolescents, adult, middle-aged and elderly groups of five groups. In recent years, with the rise of national fitness as a national strategy, Chinese martial arts as a part of traditional culture, is not only the people’s favorite fitness campaign, but also the Chinese nation’s outstanding cultural heritage. The contest is not only a martial arts show and learn about the event, but also a mining regional culture, began to feature the brand, expand exchanges and publicity event. By hosting the tournament, will vigorously develop the sports culture in Qinghai, set up a bridge of national fitness campaign, making the majority of martial arts enthusiasts to learn Wu Yi, exchange ideas, physical fitness, friendship platform, while mining and reserves of martial arts talent, promote the development of martial arts movement.


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