This year, Xining will be quantified indicators of well-being


be quantified? The answer is yes. The reporter learned from the April 1st meeting of the city’s municipal government statistics work conference this year, the Xining Municipal Statistics Department will establish and improve a well-off city monitoring index system and program of work, to carry out the monitoring analysis of a well-off society, to provide quality statistical guarantee for building a well-off society in our city. Vice mayor Xu Guocheng attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

this year, our city statistics department is committed to building a fine and service statistics, will work in the aspects of serving the government and the people and service enterprises, and strive to improve the quality of service, change the style of work, in the initiative, foresight and effectiveness and relentless effort. Will further strengthen the analysis of the trend of the economy, according to the development trend of the situation in previous years, the monthly economic development and annual objectives and tasks closely combined with the analysis, carry out progress inverted, timely monitoring and warning system; establish and perfect a well-off city monitoring index system and work plan, establish and improve the evaluation mechanism of the contact system and data quality, help the district to develop a comprehensive the action plan built a well-off society, to carry out the monitoring analysis of a well-off society, to build a well-off society to provide quality services. At the same time, to further strengthen the research, around the income doubling plan, analysis and comparison of urban and rural income gap between the country and the province, to solve the problem of urban and rural income doubling plan. To carry out the consumption of the "creative city", "year" to assess the impact of the multiple subject study, provide the basis for scientific decision-making. (author: small words)

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