Xining five guarantees standards improved steadily grew by 10% last year

  last December 31st, the reporter learned from the Xining Civil Affairs Bureau, Xining City, five objects average living standard increased from 1720 yuan in 2007 to 1887 yuan in 2008, growth of 10%. The five guarantees standard not lower than the local average living standards of farmers and herdsmen.

Civil affairs departments at all levels of

in Xining city to support the work of five into the target management in rural areas, without the ability to work, no source of income, will be unable to support the five objects for further investigation and verification, will meet the conditions of the five objects are all included in the scope of support. At present, the city of Xining into the local financial support range of five objects 2349, basically yingbaojinbao. At the same time, the integration of Xining city hospital 17 rural homes for the original, will increase the number of centralized support to more than and 100 people, and the establishment of five guarantees standard natural growth mechanism, ensure that the living standard of not less than five year per capita income of local farmers and herdsmen 70%.


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