Learn Lei Feng spirit, let love shine

wrote in Mao Zedong to study Comrade Lei Feng, March 5th, the day of the years of activity has lasted for nearly 50 years. "If you are a drop of water, do you moisten an inch of land? If you are a ray of sunshine, do you light up the darkness? If you are a grain, do you have a useful life? If you are the smallest screw, do you always stick to your life?" This is a diary of Lei Feng’s influence and inspiration for generations of life, this is a worthy of our eternal memory and reverence for the interpretation of the value of life. March 5th this year is the 50 anniversary of Comrade Lei Feng sacrifice, dedication, fraternity, mutual aid, progress for the purpose of the spirit of volunteerism, has become the inevitable development of the times.

to do only the beginning, not the end, "this is an ordinary taxi driver Zhou Chengjiang master has been adhering to the word, the week of the master in the eleven year of the taxi has been engaged in public welfare and do a lot of helpful things, one of the most impressive thing was the first day of 2003, the week of the master set a disabled Ms. Zhang, Ms. Zhang learned that because Tuiji, many drivers are not willing to let him ride, often wait a long time to hit the car, Zhou master once said:" if you like, I can pick you long-term free." From the beginning of the day, Zhou master every morning at 7:30, late 6 to send, until 2009, Ms. Zhang bought a private car so far, this one after another is sent for 6 years, never stopped. In September 2009, Zhou Chengjiang was awarded the title of "star of the city and Sanjiang source of love" by the press office of the people’s Government of Qinghai. In fact, there are a lot of us like Zhou master helping others, they are striving to "learn from Lei Feng, fostering new volunteer service activities of the practitioner. They drive everyone of us is active personally, to become a volunteer Lei Feng, deeply society, driven people all need care and assistance. Learn the spirit of Lei Feng, let love shine in your side, warm your heart.


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