Vegetable Research nstitute of new projects in Xining this year, the real estate market next spring

to the Spring Festival next year, Xining people can eat watermelon on the real estate. Reporter recently learned from the Xining Vegetable Research Institute, as the province’s only Vegetable Research Institute, Xining Institute of vegetable varieties of vegetables and another, began planting winter greenhouse watermelon, at present, two acres of seed had been sown, during the national day will emerge, the Spring Festival next year, local watermelon will be listed.

Wang Haichun, deputy director of the Institute of vegetables Xining City,, in recent years, Xining Vegetable Research Institute has successfully planted watermelon in summer in Xining, the first attempt to greenhouse melon in winter. At present, the winter watermelon is still in the seedling stage, a month later, will be moved to the greenhouse.

it is reported that Xining agricultural scientific research personnel with local climate and growth conditions, the people living in actual demand, has introduced from home and abroad cabbage, eggplant, melons, beans and other vegetables and more than and 30 excellent new special varieties of vegetables, by experiment, screened in yield, quality, economic benefits and other aspects of the effect good excellent varieties of vegetables gradually to promote the cultivation of farmers, which in 601 Taurus 12 cucumber, tomato, winter squash jade of the 3 varieties of vegetables by the varieties of crop variety approval committee approval, has been planted in large area in our province. In addition, the introduction of Guangdong Agricultural Institute of purple eggplant, zucchini, Rong Wright tomato has been introduced in Xining region, this year in Xining, Huangzhong and other areas to expand the planting. (author: Wang Yalin He Siqi)

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