Counterpart youth work summary and rotation handover meeting held

7 month 28, counterpart youth work summary and rotation handover meeting held in Xining. Conference conscientiously implement the party’s eighteen and the previous plenary session of the spirit of the Sixth Central Work Conference in Tibet, a comprehensive summary of the green counterpart aid work, in recognition of the second batch of aid youth work advanced collective, welcome welcome second and three batch of aid youth cadres, arrangements for the deployment of the current and future periods to aid youth work.

Wang Guosheng of secretary of provincial Party committee, the third batch of aid youth cadres off central group leader, Ministry of human resources and Social Security Deputy Minister xinchangxing attended and spoke. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Hao Peng presided over.

Wang Guosheng on behalf of the provincial government and the people of all ethnic groups in the speech, the 32 central state organs, 18 central enterprises, 6 developed provinces to give strong support to Qinghai and help to express my sincere thanks and express heartfelt thanks to the second batch of aid youth cadres for the reform and development of Qinghai stable pay the hard work and effort sweat! He said that in January 2010, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to make a decision to support the four provinces in the Tibetan region after the deployment of major decisions, the support side has selected a total of 2 batches of 301 young cadres into the green work. The majority of young cadres to overcome many difficulties, enthusiasm to carry out the work, with excellent performance, good image of the people, won the praise of the broad masses of cadres and the masses of Qinghai. In 6 years, in the correct leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the effective guidance of human resources and social security department, Ministry of national development and Reform Commission and other departments, the initial formation of the economy, cadres, personnel, education, science and technology is the combination of government, enterprise and society, full participation of Youth assistance work, promote the Qinghai Tibetan economic development, social progress and national unity. Practice has proved that the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council targeted aid in Tibetan areas in four provinces are Qinghai promote leapfrog development, maintain strategic areas is to promote the long period of stability, large layout of regional coordination in hand, narrow the development gap, is the major initiatives to strengthen party building, strengthening the party’s base in the ethnic areas, we should combine the actual implementation of Qinghai.

wangguosheng stressed that Qinghai is a land full of hope, Youth assistance can make cadres. To truly integrate into Qinghai. Yamakawa Yusomi, the people are industrious and simple, full of vigor and vitality. I hope you cherish this opportunity in life, with sincere to observe, to work in good faith, with the truth to experience. Through continuous learning, experience and practice, to further deepen the understanding of the provincial situation, better work, conscientiously implement the principle of democratic centralism, and consciously safeguard the unity of the team. Pay special attention to do a good job with the location of the unity among the various ethnic cadres, cadres and the masses and more friends. Work hard to develop Qinghai. I hope you remember our mission, trust, give full play to the level of policy ideas, wide advantage, play professional technical level and market economic management experience a wide range of knowledge, higher, strive to create a solid performance. To love Qinghai. Qinghai people of all ethnic groups in the long-term production and life practice in the form of "five special" spirit of the Tibetan Plateau, one of the ten, I "work spirit and Yushu spirit of earthquake relief, and the" two bombs and one satellite "spirit of a shock;

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