How to select and identify target customers

sales are hard work, many friends want to learn some sales skills. In fact, the success of the sales staff and customers, and the selection and determination of a great relationship to target customers. Target customers is the front end of the marketing work, only the establishment of the target customers, in order to more targeted marketing.

A, customers are using

of customers are using ability, is whether the customer understand the proper use of products. Some products in the use of the need for special technology, we must consider whether the target customers have the ability to use this product, can be solved with assistance services. If customers do not have the ability to use, assistance services can not be resolved, it is difficult to achieve sales. Even if you reluctantly sell to him, the future can not avoid all kinds of trouble, and even lead to the recovery of the purchase price.


must choose those who are really in need of customers, only in this way, you can make the products targeted to sell. On the contrary, if the customer does not need this product, no matter how competent sales staff, I am afraid it can not be sold out. If you sell products, may also be a unique one, customers will not buy your product again, even for you, the company, and the products will lose confidence, resentment. At the same time, I am afraid it is difficult to recover the loan. Therefore, sales personnel must stand in the position of customers, the need to consider ourselves, if not his need, you don’t have to.

three, the customer if there is close to the possibility of

if you choose the target customers simply can not close, that is your choice is a failure. Only if the customer has the possibility of approaching, you can have the chance of successful sale. In other words, the sales staff can be close to their own set of target customers is a question worth considering. For example, young salespeople, in terms of social status, it is difficult to get close to some big shots. Encounter this >

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