CDB donated 1 million 500 thousand yuan to support the development of education in Xining

December 17th, the reporter learned from Xining City Board of education cooperation agreement in accordance with the National Development Bank branch in Qinghai province and Xining City Bureau of education, CDB has put $1 million 500 thousand into the Xining City Department of education initiated the establishment of Xining city in public education will fund accounts, the funds used to subsidize poor students, help poor teachers, reward outstanding teachers and students, improve Xining city weak conditions for running schools and other fields. The cooperation between the bank and the government to fulfill corporate social responsibility, the cohesion of the community to build a platform for the power of love, will become a bridge connecting the social forces and school education, bonds and windows.

Qinghai branch of China Development Bank President Ma Yan said, branch office has been adhering to "enhance the national strength and improving people’s livelihood" for the purpose of running the line, innovation model, to overcome the time, little manpower and other difficulties, social responsibility initiative, will be the starting point for donor activities, continue to uphold the concept of development finance, long-term play comprehensive service investment and financing institutions, in accordance with the spirit of cooperation agreement signed with the Xining City Board of education, and actively participate in and support the Xining municipal education layout adjustment, school infrastructure, education and public welfare undertakings, and make greater contribution to the construction of the harmonious beauty of Qinghai. (author: Zhao Jing)

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