Xining municipal administrative service center service speed

as the Xining municipal administrative examination and approval work platform, the municipal government administrative service center that people and businesses to provide convenient and efficient examination and approval as the starting point, through optimizing the development environment, enhance the ability to create window, sunshine government, standardize the examination and approval and consolidate the work of the foundation, improve service ability.

this year, the service center has two times to the municipal administrative approval process to sort out one by one, the municipal approval is reduced to 130, compared with the previous year for part of overall streamlining 25%, 35% overall approval time compression; implementing the chief window system, in the 29 Departments in the center, the full implementation of the chief representative to build government information service; inquiry system, construction of public affairs matters, approval process and other directories, query the database, the approval time from the original 21 days overall compression for 15 working days; the 10 items of the 7 departments from the original commitments for the adjustment of the limit.

up to now, the center has coordinated 6 service center to carry out the main body of the market in legal services, management consulting and credit services, personnel agency, accounting agency and loan guarantees and other services; provide business registration, tax agency and accounting agency for 7 enterprises; the social insurance agency service for 67 people in 6 companies the acceptance of all kinds of administrative examination and approval service matters; 48693, completion rate of 100%.


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