To optimize the service mode for the construction of a harmonious Xining tax levy essay

has "intelligent station management system, with" a window through the office window, "the taxpayer tax levy period queues phenomenon does not exist" recently, reporters to the County Bureau of the tax service hall of Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous Xining interview, most staff said, the new look is to optimize the tax service hall just here the on-line tax service work brought.

interviewed Wang Qinghai accounting silver fluoride salt limited liability company has just finished for the invoice receiving and purchasing business in the tax department reporters, "it is for the invoice i take on an altogether new aspect, purchasing business last time," the first to check the old invoice window ‘invoice expiration checking, and then to the "payment window" handle payment procedures, and then to the "sale invoices Gang" to buy the new invoice, and every time to re queue, several business run down to a morning, I was "a window through the office window" once handled all of my business just in 20 minutes, which also includes the equal time it’s very convenient."

County Bureau Director Liu Luoshan on Optimization of investment service mode operation just said, we have done a lot of research work in the early stage, the taxpayer or tax authorities to take the initiative to come to us, let the taxpayers pointed out deficiencies in our work, we also need to know what services are provided in the relevant information through continuous the demonstration research, and learn from the advanced experience of other provinces in other units, we launched the "queuing system" at the same time, the original "tax registration" and "acceptance documents" and "open invoices" 11 window into two "documents accepted" and three "tax" and a a window through the office window, a reasonable division of the tax service hall work area, rest area for the taxpayer, we six aspects more than 20 specific aspects of the transformation, The practice proves that these measures have improved the original tax office, crowded queuing, the phenomenon of chaos.

Chen Zongxuan, director of the Municipal Bureau of

, told reporters that in 2009, the tax system of Qinghai Province, the tax service year, the city’s tax system at the grassroots level began to demand taxpayers, finally satisfied with the taxpayer". In Datong County Based on the success of the pilot of the city’s current tax procedures, tax procedures, approval sort simplified, more optimized, and strive to reduce the tax burden, improve service efficiency, a new service model in the city’s tax system is a comprehensive on-line operation.


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