How to open a clothing store location

how to open a clothing store location? Franchisees are aware of the importance of location, but it is difficult to consider. If you want to know more about the site, you can pay attention to the relevant information. Xiao Bian summed up a few suggestions to help you find the right investment opportunities, learn quickly, you can not miss.


should be realized in the market to sell for cash form clothing stores, often already belongs to the second investment varieties, when it should be cautious. In the traffic convenience, people locations is the first to be considered, so the bottom shop is far better than in the upper berth, at the same time, to distinguish between types of people, leisure people ‘s value is much higher than the former such as traffic flow, commercial center, recreation center, the railway road, is also a popular an important indicator, to see whether the surrounding commercial or is expected to have potential, around whether or not there is an important source of customers, it is noteworthy that bilateral clothing stores the narrow streets form structure than the broad road caused by the double unilateral clothing stores structure has more advantages; shops plane structure is also very important, on the one hand to a window contact customer wide, on the other hand also hoped the pattern of founder for the shop layout.

now sold in more commercial internal segmentation shops, the author believes that this is a risk factor in most shops investment. Because in the internal control will be commercial, commercial management thought and management level, will be affected by other operators in the mall. No matter what, should be the first choice of street or as close as possible to the entrance of the shop, the formation of internal and external worlds commercial potential, and once free rent, always bear the brunt of the poor position.

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