Meishan industrial enterprises idle assets investment

In the process of economic development, it is of great significance to optimize the allocation of resources in a timely manner in

! This time, the city of Meishan idle assets for industrial enterprises, the thematic investment, the effective use of these industrial enterprises. Let us look at the specific details.

yesterday, Meishan city held a special industrial enterprises idle assets investment promotion, the meeting, the 30 stock assets through the transfer, leasing, joint stock and other way to find new "husband", the contract amount of 4 billion 500 million yuan. Wang Wankun, deputy director of the provincial Commission by letter, the mayor of Meishan, vice mayor of the city of China, such as the letter by the director of the Commission, attended the meeting, such as director of the board of directors, such as Bai Linggui, chairman of the board of directors of the people’s Republic of China, such as the mayor of the city of China, such as the city of. More than and 200 companies from all over the country participants.

It is reported that

, this promotion will be launched a total of 70 property rights, perfect supporting facilities, industrial enterprises idle assets of the project, involving machinery, chemicals, building materials, electronic information, the total assets of more than 7 billion yuan, covers an area of 7552 acres, 1 million 520 thousand square meters of factory buildings, complete sets of equipment production line more than 60.

, Meishan GREE Electric Company Limited to 150 million yuan accepted Pengshan VTouch Technology Co Ltd of idle assets, including nearly 5 hectares of land and buildings, for the construction of high-end electromagnetic production line. Jinxiang Chemical Industrial Park of Chengdu telecommunications equipment factory of 58 thousand square meters, 27 thousand and 500 square meters of idle land idle plant is the Zhejiang Olympic Common limited for the price of 30 million yuan per year lease, for supporting the construction of large data center equipment production project.

the economic development of a region, can not do without the correct decision-making of the government, combined with the characteristics of local economic development, as well as the development of the short board, timely and effective development of relevant strategies, it is necessary! Meishan industrial enterprises idle assets investment, not only for these idle assets to find a home, more importantly, is conducive to promoting their further development in the future. 5

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