The first Anhui nternet plus College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition ended

recently, more attention to the first Anhui province "Internet plus" in today’s business competition has come to an end, at the same time in such an Internet entrepreneurship competition among college students is one of the main characters.

9 6, the first in Anhui province Internet plus "College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition and the first China" Internet plus "College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship contest selection tournament came to an end at the HeFei University of Technology. In the Finals held on the afternoon of the ultimate showdown, Chinese, "the car where" smart parking IOT core project, Hefei University of technology projects are planting greenhouse wisdom cloud Butler captured the creative group and practice group champion.

users only through the mobile phone can remote monitoring of environmental parameters in greenhouse, crop growth and agricultural equipment status. The cloud server can provide data storage, real-time query, data analysis for the user, task setting and other functions, the data flow of the future will achieve image recognition and diagnosis and expert system, and the status of the LBS based on the timing and expert system of planting strategy push service.

Internet plus parking: then do not worry about finding a parking space to

of "car where" smart parking project team is mainly engaged in intelligent parking, intelligent parking management and city intelligent transportation system development, manufacturing and related services.

The project includes the

"Internet plus" contest: activation of innovation and pioneering new ideas

the contest sponsored by the Provincial Department of education, HeFei University of Technology and Hefei University jointly sponsored. The competition is divided into two stages: the campus and the provincial finals. Campus competition, a total of 86 colleges and universities in the province of the team completed the registration, examination and confirmation of the 2629. The registration number and registration number are ranked third in the country "Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship competition among college students, accounting for 8.5% of the total enrollment registration team number. From the 300 teams into the finals.

in the province in the finals, the recommended

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