Shanghai housing prices rose 400% to 10 years when the lack of life

in Shanghai to buy a house for many commuters who are not dare to think of things, the past ten years prices have been rising, Shanghai is its representative, 10 years house prices rose 400%. Some people become the slaves of people because the real estate investment become the nouveau riche.

  yesterday, sources said, the survey shows that over the past ten years, China’s stock market returns less than the property market in 2016, people are more willing to invest in insurance.

however, GREE chairman Dong Mingzhu has said that he is the beneficiary of GREE stock. She said that the early years of the ten thousand shares of GREE shares, the market value has reached about $18 million.

Online shopping has become the mainstream of

but super still accounts for over 60% of

2016 years, in the face of the stock, the property market, financial products, Internet banking products, insurance, gold and many other investment products, three entrepreneurs to choose? Liang Jianzhang and Dong Mingzhu have chosen to stock, Shen Napeng chose to include recommended

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