What are Yang Yongshan’s cigarette management skills

is also operating cigarettes, the owner is different, the management skills will be different, the product sales will naturally have a great difference. Hebei province Tangshan City Yutian County West jade moon Road, permanent mountain shop business for twenty years. And other stores are different, it is the county’s only one of its own funds to create a modern terminal store cigarette retail shop.

over the years, with the idea of excellent shop, the whole brand, adequate supply, good reputation, has become the leader in Yutian cigarette retail stores. Speaking of business management, the owner of Yang Yongshan without reservation straight talk from an honest man, and share his 6 scriptures".

to source for tourists to source

most of the cigarette retail customers are customers need what brand of cigarettes, what brand of cigarettes purchased, not to sell the brand will not buy. Yang Yongshan and his way, his train of thought is "no I have, people have my new." As long as tobacco companies put the brand, he will buy. He believes that the new brand, the new specifications can increase the tourist attraction, satisfy the customer’s curiosity. The brand is complete, there is always a right for the customer, so as not to let the customer empty handed, and then make the customer for his store, and his shop. To the customer more, sales naturally go up, he can choose to order the number of cigarettes and the number will increase, naturally formed a virtuous circle.

full brand display, high specification placed

most retail customers have wine and other daily necessities sales more important than in cigarette sales position, so they are not willing to let Chen Liezhan cigarette more places, just put on some popular smoke, let everyone know the sales of cigarettes on the line. Yang Yongshan attaches great importance to cigarette display, he said: as long as I have some cigarettes in the shop, we have to take out to let everyone see." In his shop, the cigarette brand all neatly displayed, and out of the high-end brand area, the main push brand area, Shun pin brand area, and is a superb collection of beautiful things clear, the formation of a strong visual impact, the customers desire to buy often was instantly aroused.

category sales to meet the demand for maximum efficiency

most retail customers will put tight brand in a prominent position, open to sell, sell, sell a price, to obtain high profits. The brand is hidden in the corners unsalable, at the cost of losing money. Different from others, Yang Yongshan has a set of sales methods: brand to sell, tight, the price is not to sell a single box, not out of stock, let the customer into the store needs can be met; brand sell, sell, open there is not the price, no sale unsalable, one day there will be a customer to find. He believes that in a single box sales, customer cycle fast, and the entire sales, customer cycle slow. At the same time, he insisted on an hour ahead of each order

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