Jiangsu Telecom encourages employees to contract business unit

now is whether some areas or some enterprises in order to further promote entrepreneurship, have begun to think of ways to encourage and mobilize local people some employees actively carry out a series of business activities, recently, Jiangsu Telecom will encourage employees contracted business unit.

"to the rapid development of the company, must maintain a high speed motor." Recently, just from the business trip back to Nanjing entrepreneurs Sun Hao accept people.com.cn said in an interview, lianzhouzhuan is his business since the normal work, like the past to work nine to five life are rare.

For the "parachute"

the old club for entrepreneurs

2015 at the beginning of, the introduction of a telecom operator on the implementation of the labor management unit of the unit has attracted the attention of employees. The opinions of the Madden is: encourage contract employees to resign entrepreneurship, contracting business unit. Opinion pointed out that this policy is designed to stimulate the endogenous motivation and vitality of the front-line team. Daily economic news reporter noted that Jiangsu Telecom for the resignation of employees to retain the opportunity to return to the system: when the contract does not resume working with the telecommunications companies.

coincidentally, a Jiangsu born out of institutions of private enterprises in Su cross section also put forward the concept of entrepreneurship in. Su cross section is the predecessor of the traffic science of Jiangsu province was established in 1978, in 2002 to become the national transportation industry of provincial scientific research design institute in the first by the institution for scientific and technological transformation of the employee stock ownership of private enterprises, listed in January 2012.

"when the entrepreneurial employees resolve into recommendation

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