A designer with personal experience to talk about their own business understanding

what do you want to understand the business, I believe that different people understand certainly different, some people think that venture is risky, while others believe that entrepreneurship is full of surprises…… The designer also has his own understanding of the business, he will use their own experience to interpret.

A good direction is now compared to the

to this year I even experience several meal delivery service, are also good, but the solution is very important, they have the logistics distribution, the practical result of evolution, I still compare, although he just idea, but I would like to read history, put yourself back in history to assess their own, repeatedly deduction, said before the problem is not what actually is false, after two years has been found through a small meal delivery service, I found that even if hard work is not enough, this is an indisputable fact, even if you are diligent enough to simulate, can to all kinds of resources, what’s the problem.

to step out of this came to Beijing to look for resources is put behind the things to do together, no matter what idea, someone to help you to achieve, and understanding to the front-line work in how people are self. Two days ago, a friend said to do a thing, I went to a friend of the program, but also a good person in the industry, and his communication, I found a lot of problems are foreseen.

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