Film electricity supplier era this month reflects the spirit of Shenzhen electricity supplier

in this era, who do not know the electricity supplier that can be too outdated. The electricity supplier has become the representative of a wealth of identity. A story about the story of the electricity supplier in Shenzhen electricity supplier era is about to release this month, about 80 entrepreneurial elite entrepreneurial story.

Held in downtown Shenzhen,

"fashion photography week" salon before the date of December. The salon invited Zhang Shilong story "made in Shenzhen" film "business times" produced by Yang Weiguang, Lei Zhenxiao, consultant of youth entrepreneurship, the movie "common era" business guest.

"movie producer Yang Weiguang" the era of electricity providers, filmmakers in Shenzhen, is responsible for the focus of the current, the film to reflect the spirit of the times of Shenzhen film. Electricity supplier era, the project originated from Yang Weiguang and young electricity supplier entrepreneurs a chance encounter with Zhang Shilong. When Yang Weiguang learned that Zhang Shilong just started the business in 2006 to sell things in Taobao sold a net worth of millions, he was very surprised. And Zhang Shilong to tell the story of entrepreneurship, was deeply moved by him, he told the story of Yang Weiguang. "Zhang Shilong’s story of friendship betrayed opportunity threat competition also." Yang Weiguang said, such a wonderful story, I do not think it is a pity to shoot, so with the film."

"business times" will be released in December 11th. Because the "Cape Seven" popular Taiwan pop singer Fan Yichen will star in the film young business entrepreneurs.

"is supported by the special fund film week" Shenzhen city propaganda and cultural development, Shenzhen Film Co., hosted by China CITIC Ka’s studios, deep shadow phoenix.

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