OCCS software cloud factory to create innovative incubation

in a variety of employment fair, there will be very many new technology start-ups in these new projects, new projects, some may create tremendous value, such as employment exhibition, will become a link between entrepreneurs and businesses.

in the fourteenth session of the Dalian municipal employment fair, OCCS cloud software factory project has aroused great interest of participants.

the "innovative cloud public record space" based on the software development industry, its technical support platform – component development platform as the foundation, established the norms of software development and perfect process system, from the implementation of the orders to stop production, for enterprise users, software companies and individuals users create a closed software industry chain, will start from the line moved online, can make it more simple and efficient, but also to minimize risk.

"individual user groups including college students, including enthusiasts including software development practitioners, software industry, according to their virtual software company, this is our public cloud created space new hatch, free to register through a variety of ways, we just to verify the identity of the entity of the start-up companies, eliminating a lot of the start-up costs." Gathered in Dalian Network Co., Ltd. Li Siyang told reporters.



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