The catering manager’s praise for more.

no matter what the industry, everyone wants their efforts to get recognized leaders, especially in the service industry, the catering industry, more praise is needed, praise also need skills, is also a science criticism. Well intentioned criticism can be refreshing, humbly accept, and quickly correct and inappropriate criticism way; but let person be uneven, difficult to accept. The manager in the praise and criticism in the process of staff, should choose the appropriate way of criticism, in order to achieve the desired effect. For you to share some tips   manager understand the praise of subordinates;.

1. don’t criticize

if you want to praise

2. public praise, should not matter to people

is not to publicly praise, this situation points to the occasion, can not be generalized. Sometimes you praise a person, but hit a large, in this case, the parties will not feel praised is a glorious thing, but the praise has played a negative impact. Public praise should pay more attention to the value and behavior of the group, in order to enhance the ability of the group and the spirit of cooperation, the team rather than individuals should always be our focus and direction. Therefore, the public praise to pay attention to skills in order to praise the people to praise the team to praise the individual.

3. if the public praise a person, might as well private

is not to say that public praise must be on the wrong things, in fact, if a person’s contribution and performance is very prominent, public praise is also a must, to set up a typical, advocate a spirit, promote a value. In this case, it is best to talk privately with the other side, and even can do some foreshadowing in advance, to form a consensus within a certain range, and then public praise. This will make the person feel the manager is really trust in yourself, increase the recognition of the "grand" and "surprise", let the praise more color.

4. private praise, appropriate to the wrong thing

if you feel that someone is outstanding, let you appreciate, but not open, you can see each other in private, "said called to him". Especially for people around their cronies or not too much public praise, it will be easily isolated and the people around you trust. Private praise is more of a kind of approval and trust: you are excellent (because you do, so you do things). Therefore, private praise focuses on personal growth, you can also recommend