Children’s clothing consumption is gradually high-end trend

a lot of investment in children’s clothing market, the franchisee has certainly made a happy flower, small series first congratulations you find the right investment direction. More and more parents began to give children the quality of work to ensure the purchase of high-end children’s clothing, brand children’s clothing. So what is the difference between high-end children’s clothing and children’s clothing? Here we know.

. In a word, the work can not guarantee the fabric manufacturers, certainly not." So the time of purchase, if from the handle and tag cannot judge the merits of the cloth, can look at work, the general quality of a dense neat and more security.

and the formaldehyde exceed the standard, the clothes can not smell. Long wearing poor color fastness of clothing, water, sweat or saliva, pigment easily fade, pigments, dyes and heavy metal ions may be absorbed by the skin, in biological catalysis of bacteria, easy to cause skin disease. If the pH value and the standard value of clothes is inconsistent, easily lead to improper clothing pH, will lead to the destruction of the natural barrier of the skin, the skin of the human body itself neutral and acidic stimulation, which burns, bacteria cause disease.

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