The whole network recommended low cost way to success

what kind of project is really low cost entrepreneurship? Now the franchisee all entrepreneurs want to venture their loss to a minimum, look at some low cost under the entrepreneurial way, the following is only the whole network to provide you with suggestions.

A, while working side of the business

this way in general and in their own resources in the work time of manufacturers start to try and increase revenue using their professional experience, there is no benefit risk, but should deal with the relationship between work and entrepreneurship.

1, should know their primary and secondary development, working in enterprises in addition to family is individual ability and experience growth, so the focus is complete a good job, to promote the development of personal ability and occupation.

2, keeping the following scale, the customer is not your work competitors; don’t take any time, that time belongs to the salary for your company; not to divulge the commercial secrets of any company. To maintain their professional integrity and credit for the future development of an immeasurable role.

two, depending on the commodity market venture

1, we must find the popularity of the market, compared to the poor market rental business may be higher, but the flow of people is the basic condition of the commodity market in your shop to survive.

three, in store rent a court venture

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