Shop to be a responsible owner

owner has a sense of responsibility, which will directly affect the evaluation of the consumers for the store, will naturally affect the store’s profit situation. Last winter, I a person to take care of the shop, busy during the day to do business, but also in the evening the inventory of goods, one day down backache, wash down jacket no time cleaning, I wondered get dry cleaners.

when I wasn’t busy in the afternoon, I put on my clothes and rode to the cleaners. After two crossing the street, I found a dry cleaning shop, watching the decoration is also good, came to the store. When I asked the price, the staff members of the store to me to sell their membership card business, that is five hundred yuan recharge free of charge, no time limit.

and now the store is to engage anniversary activities currently in addition to recharge small gifts. I hesitated slightly, but then again, just the arrival of winter, the number of washing clothes yet, but the store is a national chain, safe and reliable, can readily apply for a membership card.

throughout the winter, my down jacket is in this store dry cleaning, the effect of each wash is very good, I think he was still a wise choice, picked up a big cheap. Wait until the next winter, I come down again when dry, that could not find the dry cleaning shop, I carefully looked again and finally found the original tricky, the dry cleaning shop door into embodiment of wall.

There was a small hole in the wall above the

. I looked through the small hole and saw clearly that there was a washing machine in the room. Thought is not to change the door? I also found a few times around, couldn’t find a dry cleaning shop door, then to the laundry shop next to the neighbors around, according to a neighbor the laundry for only one door for sealing the wall, the wall is built just last month, the boss does not know the whereabouts.

washing card and more than and 300 dollars, the boss quietly disappeared, my money is not wasted? Moment, I have a feeling of being fooled. I think there are a lot of customers like me. I think no matter what the cause is the boss laundry store is closed, she should put a sign on the front of the store to inform the customer, leave your contact information, or to let the customer know the situation to be able to contact people, then negotiation is the refund or go to other stores continued consumption. So quietly disappeared, to the customer greatly irresponsible, angry.

, however, the practice of some shopkeepers make customers feel intimate.

I used to be a fitness center upstairs, for some reason the door closed. In the first half of the month closing, the fitness center has begun to close all the membership service, and in the shop door with a report.

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