Which is more popular Chinese and Western fast food

all know that fast food is one of the best-selling brands of Chinese food and beverage, in general, is the two big Chinese and Western fast food, then someone will ask: what kind of Chinese and Western fast food is more popular with consumers? Xiao Bian to help you analyze.

one, from the taste, the Chinese people are accustomed to the birth of a Chinese style food and beverage, daily consumption of Chinese fast food crowd more. However, Western food by young people like to eat Western fast food as a symbol of fashion.

Chinese fast food

two, from the nutritional value of speaking: Chinese fast food draw lessons from traditional Chinese cooking methods, most of them have a more reasonable nutrition and diet. And now the western style fast food, most staple food with high protein, high fat, high calorie, snacks and drinks are high sugar, high salt and msg. On the contrary, the human body is necessary for cellulose, vitamins and minerals are very small, eat more adverse to human health.

three, according to the consumer price in terms of: Chinese fast food for an adult consumption once about 15 yuan, but the western fast food for the same adults consume two times or even three times the price of one, so as to the ordinary consumer groups, or in the Chinese fast food, western fast food for ordinary consumer groups can be regarded as luxury consumption.

western fast food

four, speaking from the consumer environment: Chinese fast food consumption environment are mostly small and messy, smoke smell; and Western fast food are bright and spacious, clean, and no smoke, on the one hand, consumers prefer western fast food.

sum up, Chinese fast food and Western fast food are not comparable, turnip cabbage love. Or one day western food can also mutual penetration and fusion of each other, the director of the supplement has short, is loved by many consumers.

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