Ningbo’s first technology credit risk pool established

for a lot of contemporary social enterprises, financing is a plagued by many small and medium-sized enterprise development question, but now in Ningbo do not have to worry about this problem, because the first technology credit risk pool Ningbo recently established.

the financing has been hindered technological development of small and micro enterprises "stumbling block", August 20th, in the District of Haishu science and technology financial work to promote the meeting, the Ningbo Municipal Science and technology sub credit risk pool — Haishu District Science and technology credit risk pool was officially opened, 2 innovative start-ups won the qualification of financing a single enterprise total loan amount up to 5 million yuan, the solution enterprise funds thirst.

new normal under the Haishu District, the industrial structure is dominated by the traditional commerce, financial industry and service industry, the three economic proportion as high as 83.6%, while the strategic emerging industry to increase the value of less than 1% of the proportion of GPD. Therefore, the rate of Haishu City, the first 14 sub risk pool, the opening of the science and technology credit risk pool, by supporting innovative start-ups, technological innovation to lead the economic transformation. The sub risk pool funds amounted to 2 million 500 thousand yuan, non mortgage and non technology credit business under the professional Guarantee Corporation guarantees to provide innovative start-ups, and give the compensation due to technology credit arising from the loss of funds, can leverage more than 10 times. Equivalent to 25 million yuan in the pool of funds to protect the risk of a single enterprise can get no more than $3 million in loans, a single enterprise cumulative loan limit of up to $5 million. The total amount of loans granted to innovative start-ups, which are less than 3 years old, should account for more than 1/3 of total loans.

at present, Haishu has 71 innovative start-ups, of which 8 enterprises are Haishu District Science and Technology Bureau to China bank recommended, the proposed financing application, Sigao and Zhongxin 2 enterprises dynamic ICT audited by the financing qualification.

now the establishment of credit risk in Ningbo city science and technology sub pool for many social enterprises is a very good opportunity, because it can help solve some of the problem of capital enterprises encounter in the development process, but also can promote the whole social entrepreneurship.


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