Work from home but find your home also!

first_imgIt is very contradicting statement to work from home and find your home. If you are working from home, then which home you have to find out!As the country and world still battle the threat and fear of covid-19 virus and in absence of any vaccine and remedy to it, the only way available is social distancing which caused the national lockdown. Curtailing of travelling facility and another support system, work from home (WFH) has become the only option for some of the organisations who encouraged their team to work from home though it is not at the same pace as it is used to be earlier. Many of employees, owners, professionals and consultants are working from home.While working from home, we are learning to cope with domestic distractions as well as to be more productive. WFH provides us time and opportunity to take our anger and frustration away from the workplace as we may have anger, angst and frustration in an inimical workplace or in work relations. We may pause and reflect if such disturbing relations are worth it. We may grow out of it and repair and let go.Time taken in sitting through long hours of meetings and discussions in the office is getting saved now making us efficient and more productive. WFH saves time and stress of journey which helps us to connect with self and our family and improves relations at home. WFH may have its own merits and demerits, however, it may have a bright future.Pandemic covid-19 has compelled us to slow down and restructure our work style, lifestyle, social relations and thought process which may cost personally, socially, and economically not only in short term but in long run also. But every crisis has its silver lining.While managing mundane affairs from home, we have to handle our mind and body disturbances due to outside grim and threatening forces which cause sadness, depression and anxiety. This necessitates turning inside to restore our body and mind balance. Nature loves balance and when it gets disturbed, there is temporary chaos and realignment. We are enriched with new learnings and insights with every such transition.Nature has, though in a harsh and relentless way, brought us by force of circumstances seclusion and stillness which we may utilise to go in, from outside. Meditation is the process of going inside and looks for an inner home where the soul resides and where from security and self-control comes. When we are in our inner home and connected with our deeper self, our body and mind are nourished and feel balanced at centre witnessing the peripheral outer circle where all life disturbances and up and downs keep happening.Our being is our centre and our body and mind along with the outer world is a circle- periphery of the being. Since we are at periphery all the time, we are lopsided. When we are away from our inner home all the time, we get exhausted, depressed and lost. It is like we are sitting in the garden outside the house to enjoy the feel of the warm and pleasant sun but after a while, it is hotter, perspiring and no more pleasant. We go inside the house spontaneously to again feel the pleasant atmosphere of coolness there. So we go inside and outside the house in a natural way.In the same manner, if we go inside by way of mediation and develop the awareness and witnessing by and by, it enables us to move in or out as and when we feel like doing it. A bird can fly only because its wings are on opposite sides. Similarly going inside and outside our inner home are two wings of the same being. We have one wing of being and other of doing. Each day if we go inner home for some time, we remain more balanced and healed to handle outer world challenges and opportunities in a better way.last_img

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