Forces behind premier dynasty-III

first_imgTo counter Sino-Pak axis, India has to attain secular trust between its Right and Left polity. This mutual trust is also crucial to fortify ties with developed nations and heal Hindu-Muslim divides in the subcontinent.During NDA rule under Vajpayee, a weak Congress seeking an alliance with Left front and driven by Evangelicals backed Neocolonial elements in the US, let loose a strong disinformation campaign against Sangh Parivar. This became even more repressive under UPA rule. Added to it was targeted terror orchestration by Pakistan in BJP strongholds. Bharatiya campaign of BJP lost out, first under Vajpayee and then again under LK Advani.The next-gen leadership of BJP strode back to power by choosing not to disambiguate Hindutva-Bharatiyata conjugation. This consolidation of Right polity has come at the cost of the decimation of dynastic Congress and weakening of secular trust in the neighbourhood. China foray is most likely an outcome of this development. China expects as articles in Global Times indicated, the US wouldn’t come in support of India. West is indeed lukewarm in its support, and transactional in its approach.The way out is to first dismantle the neo-colonial handle that the premier dynasty provides to the West. India needs a healthy relationship with the West that is based on widespread civilian contacts. This relationship should not be driven by business lobbyists nor by Intelli jokers in West who had put RSS on a terror watchlist. This basic confusion among Western Intelli and now widely prevalent among Western liberal intelligentsia must be allayed.In order to do so, it is necessary to accord Sangh Parivar legitimate cultural space, as is enjoyed by religious Right in the US, Germany, UK, Japan and other developed nations. This will enable BJP to formalize its Bharatiyata credential while Hindutva would be accepted as purpose primarily a cultural modernization aspiration, driven by the agenda of bringing forth caste equality and intermingling to strengthen Hindu unity.Such a mutual trust founded on common understanding and acceptance of secular Constitution is critical to gain the trust of Indian neighbours. India can then maintain its strategic autonomy credibly and not be driven to overcompensate West for extending material support to deter China. This strategic autonomy will enable India to elicit China cooperation for safeguarding Global commons.A military and Intelli driven relationships took a severe toll of Pakistan and India got to avoid such manipulative forces enabled by the neocolonial handle.India, as envisaged by UPA Government led by Dr Manmohan Singh, aspires to be an independent polarity within the strategic architecture of the free world. India can then opt to intervene to stabilize global order per her legal assessment of international law.India deserves to be a permanent member of the Security Council with veto right based on the criterion of the internal political stability of her bipartisan secular trust and power projection capabilities.last_img

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