IQ matters but to what extent?

first_img”In a very real sense, we have two minds,one that thinks and one that feels”.-Daniel GolemanIntelligence can be measure in many ways. One of the most common and conventional methods to measure is through an IQ test. IQ stands for intelligence quotient. It measures a person’s ability to measure intelligence functions like logical reasoning, problem-solving skills, pattern recognition, and verbal concepts.IQ tests are being around for a long time. Probably IQ scores can help predict a person’s academic achievements and success. These scores can help know a student his strengths and weaknesses in a particular area that conclusively adds to his growth. Many schools and companies hire for different positions based on these IQ tests. These tests can predict how well a person will do in a distinct field or situation, such as problem-solving or abstract thinking. But is it enough to prove one’s worth?Well, there is more to the story. A person scores 150 in an IQ test, which is considered a high IQ score. But does his score means he has destined for a life of accomplishments and achievements, or will it guarantee success?If yes, then think again.These tests that attempt to measure IQ fail to account for the human mind’s complexity. It abandons to recognize a persons creativity, practical intelligence, ability to perceive and express emotions.So what completes human intelligence? What is that one piece missing from the puzzle? The answer lies in Emotional Intelligence.According to the world economic forum’s future jobs report, emotional intelligence will be one of the top ten employment skills in the coming years.Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use, and positively control your emotions to help communicate better, coordinate well with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflicts. It has many dimensions like empathy, self-awareness, motivation, and managing relations that matter for success. Emotional intelligence helps you understand how well do you manage yourself? Can you work towards your goal despite obstacles? How well can you adapt to the changing environment? Can you be a good team member? Do you give up too soon? Do you have a positive or a negative outlook towards your goals and life? Emotional intelligence can act as a differentiator. If two people are equally competent, with a phenomenal background, and if you want to know who will be more successful, well put them into emotional intelligence tests. The one with high emotional intelligence will likely have more chances to succeed in life. Individuals with high emotional intelligence can speak to the other person’s soul and ultimately influence their behavior and decisions. They can relate to people on a deeper level.I believe that Emotional Intelligence is one of the most under-valued and neglected skills in human history. Rather than learning an ability to control our emotions, we tend to ignore them. But the good news is that it can still be discovered and upgraded at any point in life.It is always said that human beings are the most challenging creatures to understand and study. Then, how can we confine a test to do this complicated task. IQ is important, yes, but doesn’t wholly determine your success in life. Both IQ and Emotional intelligence plays an important role. IQ measures your ability to manage knowledge, and EI measures your ability to handle human relations. Just being intelligent doesn’t mean that the person will be successful, and just because someone is less intelligent doesn’t mean the person will fail in life. It is the hard work you put in, the emotional intelligence you procure, and the values and outlook towards life that help you succeed.last_img

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