A close look: Good or bad

first_imgMy Whatapp messages were filled with a very happy new year on the new year eve. I was so tired of replying to everyone. It seems strange how this year turned out to be a complete disaster. Coronavirus came like a storm and made us realize many pieces of stuff we were unaware of. People started falling sick and everyone in the world was chanting only one phrase “This shall too pass”. This will pass but the point is once we pass this hurdle who are we left with to live our life or to make memories.With an increasing population and limited resources to thrive, we are moving towards a tunnel that is not only dark but we don’t have an idea how long it is. The root of all problems starts here. With many species in this world yet to discover we are going close to them unconsciously without knowing the grave consequences of it. Thanks to science again it has discovered something called mutation which is an ultimate power for the organism we are all concerned about presently. Deforestation, unhygienic food habits, and decreasing person space per area are such entities which will have no immediate effect but will have a long term catastrophic effect on everyone. With many wild animal sightings, we need to realize we are taking their home from them. Yet after a long lockdown when nature was healing itself just within one month of nearly no sightings of human beings indicates our deleterious effect on this nature.The only simple solution to this problem is we have to devise ways to use renewable resources. We have to find ways to sustain in this limited space and take care of this mother nature. Writing this is completely easy but applying it in a practical field is completely tough. Let’s start with a small change. I have been pursuing my dad to install solar plates in our home. He is considering it hope you start with it soon.The second wave of this pandemic has hit many countries and it might be fatal if we don’t check ourselves. Keep using masks and sanitizers. Take care of your family and if you do care kindly avoid crackers for this Diwali because what might be fun for you will be fatal for someone.last_img

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