Encountered need to pay the entry fee of the project should pay attention to what problems

investment to join the project, there are many are required to pay a certain fee, when faced with such a problem, we need to pay attention to what the problem?. Join the project to pay franchise fees to note a few classes, in any case, the headquarters should as soon as possible to come up with a reasonable plan to determine the cost of joining and the level of charges, in order to develop a reasonable budget, to make up for the cost management, and make enough profit.

join to pay the cost of joining headquarters generally include the following categories:

join Gold: also known as the initial franchise fee, is to join in when joining to the headquarters of a one-time payment of the fees, trademarks, special technology and other expenses including franchisees have the right to use the headquarters developed, reflecting the benefits of joining with the value of the franchise system. The cost of each headquarters are not the same, such as Japan’s "7 – 11" companies franchise fee is 3 million yen, 2 million 500 thousand yen, "Seicomart"; "Yoshinoya" 1 million 500 thousand yen; "home market", only 500 thousand yen.

Return the

the cost can be paid into stores before the opening of the pre pay cost to join and opened after the operation of the subsequent joining fee of two categories.

pre joining fee includes recruitment, assessment, training, the headquarters for the address of all expenses, in some cases, it also includes the franchise system continues to mature and goodwill increased cost of the concession.


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