Sugoi’s Pixel Tech, Night Riding Superhero Jacket Creates Blinding Safety

first_imgSugoi has taken night-riding visibility to a whole new level with “Visual Technology” called Pixel. Bid adieu to any “subtle, reflective accents,” say hello to blinding brightness. Flash past the break to be stunned and impressed…(batteries not included, or needed) Don’t let the already-established model name fool you. The 2014 version of the Zap jacket employs Pixel fabric tech; it’s Sugoi’s full re-think on nighttime visibility. Pixel comprises the entire base fabric of the Zap line; no longer are reflective capabilities constrained to discrete piping or accent strips.Pixel fabrics create “explosive illumination” when reflecting, and that verbiage appears to not be over-hype – just check out the video for proof.The Pixel technology is not being limited to the Zap jacket. Sugoi’s new shoe covers (Zap booties) almost eclipse the jacket in their stunning brightness. Keep your cadence high enough and motorists will think they’re seeing a superhero blow by in a blur of light.As Sugoi says, the Pixel fabric “only reveals its hidden power when it’s struck by artificial light.” My two take aways: a) there is hidden superhero power in this tech, and b) we no longer have to wear those crazy, road-sign, hi-vis colors. Yay! (Projected availability is not till September, US price TBD.)last_img

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