Can you exchange goods discount pretreatment

although the normal sales of goods there is indeed what problems can return, however, for some discounts, or processed goods, apparently from the current operation of the market point of view, does not have the same function. In short, consumers in the purchase of goods, the goods will often see a discount or disposal on the label. As long as the purchase of any one, most businesses will incidentally discount and processing goods are not returnable". Then, a pretreatment of goods really cannot return?

there is no doubt that treatment is flawed goods. Processed products can only be sold on the premise of prior express. According to the "consumer protection law" provisions of article twenty-second: operators should ensure that in the normal use of goods or services, the provision of goods or services shall have the quality, performance, usage and term of validity of the instructions, but consumers in the purchase of the goods or services are aware of the defects before except. For this type of processing of the price of goods, the operator shall not bear the "Three Guarantees" responsibility ", may indicate that the goods will not be returned with the words on the invoice.

discount goods mostly because of Luxuries season, style obsolete, incomplete numbers or businesses as a means of promotion, is a benefit of price behavior, the premise is not commodity quality defects or flaws, otherwise it can not be discounted goods. Such goods should be sold with the normal price of goods, businesses should bear the responsibility of the three packages. The "consumer protection law" provisions of article twenty-third: operators to provide goods or services, in accordance with state regulations or agreed with the consumers, bear the repair, replacement and return or other liability, or agreed to should be in accordance with the provisions of the state, shall not intentionally delay or unreasonably refuse.

according to the above provisions, discounts on goods and processing goods can be returned, can not be generalized. Discounted goods if the operator did not indicate the quality defects, it does not belong to the processing of goods, shall be in accordance with the genuine treatment, once a quality problem, the operator shall unconditionally fulfill the "Three Guarantees" responsibility for consumers, Baotui, Baohuan, warranty; if the operator is because of the existence of quality problems of product quality and processing, and in the sale also pointed out to the consumer goods Chulipin, it can not sell the rebate does not change.

Ms. Hong is a supermarket owner, is smart and capable, business has been good, but there is one thing that a profound lesson. Before the Spring Festival last year, she entered a number of cotton slippers. In order to increase the popularity of the supermarket, to attract more customers into the store, she let the staff posted "cotton slippers price" advertising color in the window. Sure enough, less than two days, all cotton slippers sold empty. Ms. hung happy for their "golden ideas". However, in a month, demands the return of customers unabated. Because of the existence of some quality problems of slippers, slippers off the bottom, some glue.

clerk explained that "price is not treated"

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