Shenyang young farmers led the villagers with rich entrepreneurial story

China has been more than two thousand years is a predominantly agricultural agricultural country, since the reform and opening up, the changes happened to turn the world upside down, Chinese now, the vast rural areas also started their road to riches.

"now it can we work here one day earn more than and 80 dollars, compared to the past, when more than more than and 100 people, the less time there are around 20." In July 13th, the villagers He Shuqiong Kaiyang County Feng Xiang Tian Chong Cun Zhuang Valley Group home business farmers in the east side of the pepper base is weeding weeding said.

species has nearly 400 acres of pepper, chili pepper, pepper, including three pepper varieties, is the land transfer, it is expected that output can achieve about 1500000 yuan, for the villagers to pay about 1 million yuan, the village collective cooperation and to pay 100 thousand yuan, you can earn about 400000 yuan. In addition to pepper base, also has more than and 60 acres of kiwi fruit, which have their own speaking of Interplanting pepper, Feng Xiang Tian Chong Cun farmer cooperatives has initially built up rich individuals, strong collective, Hui neighbors win-win platform, the person in charge of cooperatives in the East and with pride.

"vegetables do bear director, bureau of Agriculture Bureau Chief Huang to guide, I support the approval of the construction of 170 acres of kiwi fruit base, the industry bigger and stronger." Speaking of Shenyang agriculture related departments hostage development. To the East is very grateful.

now, to the East in strengthening agricultural professional knowledge learning at the same time, has rented the old supply and marketing cooperatives in the local housing idle, the pepper plant products, extend the industrial chain, their wealth at the same time with the neighborhood income, in order to eliminate the "empty village" and realize the synchronous well-off contribute linlixiangqin.

now in the vast rural areas can be said to have a lot of opportunities, at the same time, there are a lot of professional farmers also began to return to entrepreneurship, to help villagers to get rich together.


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