What are the most dangerous venture partners

personal funds or capacity is not enough, the choice of partnership entrepreneurship, which is very common in the current thing. However, some venture partners are very dangerous, a careless, it is possible to make their own business is very big impact. So, if we want to start a partnership, it is natural to avoid these people. So, what are the most dangerous venture partners?

1. Ten thousand years

years of working with a long resume and a thick qualification certificate, but his boss is the first time. He likes to get paid on time, enjoy medical insurance, every 7 p.m.. Unfortunately, the work can not be operated by the self-employed, you need an instruction, an action to teach him how to develop enterprises. And if your investment plan doesn’t work out right away, he’ll run for a "real job", or who will pay for his child’s tuition?

recommends that people who don’t like risk, and people who don’t agree with each other, are hard to be good partners. Skip those who fail to contribute the same amount of time, energy and money.

2. Perfectionist (or perhaps a habitual procrastinators)

Even if the official release date of the product was determined by

, the perfectionist would have to be meticulous, otherwise he would not be able to work. He likes to study competitors, set up industry case studies, to make their own 150 page business plan perfect. The perfectionist, of course, hope that the new business will be able to get on the right track, but there is always a place in my heart feel wrong. He plans to make a detailed survey of colleagues, friends and family over the next few weeks to further enrich the idea.

suggests that a good plan is better than a perfect plan tomorrow. Avoid those who are likely to use perfectionism as an excuse for the habit of procrastination, to find some action, and energy.

3. University companion

maybe one night in a bar of pleasure when the University companion suddenly was a inspiration hit, he immediately found a napkin down, then please help him put this into reality". He likes to brag about his great ideas and show you how to do it. The problem is: he’s going to medical school thousands of miles away in the fall. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to reach him by phone when he doesn’t have to study, work, and have no classes. He is sure to tell you the address so that you can remit him half of his profits.

advice: never take all the risks for half of the return. No execution of outstanding, creative itself is not worth a hair. Collaborative creativity

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