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How about Hasen

shoes? Good quality shoes, Hasen shoes joined the project, undertaking the best choice worry. Join Hasen shoes? If you are also very exciting. So, don’t hesitate, go ahead!

Hasen shoes with professionalism, integrity, service mission, the introduction of Italy are dedicated to the format of domestic women, you grasp the trend, first have their own advanced production equipment, can provide consumers with the best and most perfect customer service service, in addition to Hasen in order to expand the existing market share and build brand image, has opened a flagship of the two Hasen to Shanghai and Zhuhai to store the image window. Hasen knows there’s a woman, Hasen and Catina two brands, each one has its own merits of different style, cater to the demands of the consumers.

brand style fashion way to take the modern, brand characteristics, the pursuit of the overall harmonization, in women’s fashion, simple, elegant, grade of heritage, with exquisite decoration, in brief based on novelty, collocation and synchronization of stressed footwear and clothing, this is the usual design style of Hasen.

[Zhen Xing International (Group) Limited by Share Ltd was founded in November 18, 1979 in Taiwan, an important leather shoes for men and women of the production and sales of leading industries. Group related enterprises include: [Kunshan Hasen Shoes Co., Ltd.], [Kunshan Zhen Xing Footwear Co., Ltd.], [Shenzhen Zhen Xing Footwear Co., Ltd.], [Hasen Trading (China) Co., Ltd.]. In China, the group has more than and 20 offices, more than and 700 distribution outlets; overseas, groups in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Hongkong and other offices. At present, the company in the production of leather shoes and shoe body, the other involved in real estate, leisure, teaching and other industries, the strength of strong competitiveness, is a collection of modern and diversified as one of the international community.

Hasen is attracting people’s favorite, with unique advantages including professional service, integrity, responsibility, dedication to the introduction of Italy fashion format of domestic women, you grasp the trend, with advanced production equipment, can provide consumers with high-quality customer service service. Hasen knows a woman, with Hasen and its main Catina two brand style, each one has its own merits to meet the different needs of consumers.

shoes are really good for us and we can keep up with the times. The Hasen brand was founded in Taiwan with its elegant style, excellent quality favored by many consumers and attention. No matter how the trend changes, HARSON will always let you walk in the forefront of fashion, HARSON represents the ultimate performance of women’s taste.

Hasen’s cooperative conditions:

1, have a certain business background and business experience, familiar with the local franchisee Hasen shoes "

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