Are you sure you can buy Beauty needles Xiamen Customs seized 40 thousand illegal products

beauty has become a significant social phenomenon, although the "perfect man", but a lot of people in order to make your face more beautiful, the beauty of the needle and a series of beauty products continue to use. Recently, the Xiamen customs in the maritime Smuggling Investigation of smuggling channels of cosmetic injections, in one fell swoop seized the illegal entry of cosmetic injections of more than 100 boxes of more than 4 branches, in recent years the national customs seized the largest number of cases with cosmetic injections, including cosmetic whitening products "Beiliduo" "Nobel" "harutoshi health" and "high fill the life B12" Robin will benefit "" Shu Deqing "" Ming "liver" and "bleeding" the fate of live source "9 injection.

according to state regulations, imported drugs must have the approval of the State Food and drug administration at the same time, the packaging must be China text, with Chinese instructions. After identification, these drugs were not marked on the State Food and Drug Administration approved the drug approval number, pharmaceutical product registration certificate number or registration certificate of imported drugs, is a three noes products.

it is reported that since the beginning of this year, Xiamen customs in the immigration and smuggling channels continuously seized batches of illegal entry needle, number over the same period last year, an increase of nearly 140 times.

nowadays, domestic consumers of beauty and health care products demand, and the part of the shaping mechanism and the beauty salon exaggerated imported drug efficacy, the imported drugs have certain market demand in the domestic field of cosmetic surgery. According to the appraisal agency qualified news, by a group of "life live source" and other 9 kinds of injection combination of "whitening needle" package. In Taiwan the sales price of about 600 yuan, after smuggling entry will be 2000 yuan to the sales price of 3000 yuan to the cosmetology reshapingorganization, and finally into the the hands of the consumer price even up to a million.

than the profits, there are security risks of smuggling cosmetic injections should attract more attention of consumers. The investigators found in maritime smuggling channels seized a large number of cosmetic injections, packaging display to room temperature even injection cold preservation, no mask exposure at 50 degrees Celsius temperature on the deck of a fishing boat. The investigators found that in the immigration channels seized in such cases, often from the parties to carry the "incubator" seized packaging cosmetic injections, the injection also stated on the "cold" storage requirements. In fact, whether it is from the immigration channels or immigration smuggling channels of entry, these cosmetic injections did not strictly through the transport of cold chain logistics, transportation and storage conditions, once into the society, great security risks.

for their own investment, to take effective measures of beauty, although it is an excellent thing, but in the quality of the product must be careful to buy. Do you buy Beauty needles are guaranteed? Xiamen Customs seized more than 4 branch of the illegal entry of cosmetic injections, you have to buy the brand? Xiamen customs to remind consumers not to buy the use of "three beauty" recommended

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