How much money to open a tongue tip beef noodles

beef noodles in our life are visible, no matter what the local high streets and back lanes can see the beef noodle figure, but we will find a problem that is in so much beef noodle brand, every beef noodles have their own taste, it is difficult to eat authentic tastes. While the tongue tip of beef noodle and noodle select high-quality beef noodles, with red chili oil and green coriander, fresh and tasty food to lead a person to endless aftertastes. Now, the tongue tip of beef noodles stores more and more, many entrepreneurs want to join, join the preparatory work to be successful, we should do a good job, so small that you need first to look at the tip of the tongue tip jiamengfei beef noodles.

according to the small series to understand, the tip of the tongue tip of beef to join the cost of about 1-5 million, due to join the city, the difference in the size of the shop, the specific fee will not be the same. To successfully open a tongue tip of beef noodle shop, you in addition to the franchise fee, and have enough money to pay the rent, renovation costs, equipment costs, purchase costs, staff salaries and so on.

how much does it cost to open a beef tongue tip? Tip of the tongue beef noodles join cost analysis:

join fee

1, join the region: capital cities, municipalities

shop area: 100M?

rent: 7000 yuan / month

renovation costs: 800 yuan /m?

kitchen equipment: 8000 yuan

first purchase fee: 5000 yuan

staff wages: 4000 yuan / month / person (2)

total investment cost: 273 thousand yuan

2, join area: prefecture level city

shop area: 80m?

rent: 5000 yuan / month

renovation costs: 600 yuan /m?

kitchen equipment: 6000 yuan

first purchase fee: 3000 yuan

staff wages: 3000 yuan / month / person (2)

total investment cost: 153 thousand yuan

3, join the region: County and county-level cities


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