Business shop business will have to the family of Yu Xiao

brand are not people daily know, the grade of the decoration to be high, the price of the product to be high, the real economy consumption consumer groups also have to be high, the real brand, is a Yu Xiao’s store, when the consumer, with a thought is your store.

I was on the Internet opened a dress shop called Nancy charm Road, half down. The profit is not high, summed up that in order to boost popularity, a lot of styles are of good quality when the promotion, the results of these most profit goods did not earn profits, with many other people buy is rarely sold at a loss, so I think to open the store to sell on price, and the Internet the shop is good, but low profit. So he went to the store. So the shop to the sister, his own open store.

My name is

themselves, called "primary tribal city style cloth", only to do the shops, I do well in this aspect of the strategy is to confuse with law, in my shop is not opened for a month and a half before I started to do the ads, but I don’t like the others to go through customs said their cloth shop, I made for the advertising industry is the cheapest and most simple advertising, but it is very effective.

a single-sided 16 RED leaflets should all know, made 5000 pieces only spent 200 yuan, but only what is written above several characters, the tribe colors? Several characters, very eye-catching, after every day to send someone to send, see MM on the hair, so hair continuous a month after a few days, then it is all the characters say ah, ha ha.


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