Partners which have the greatest impact on the partnership venture

partnership entrepreneurship has become a lot of investors in the current selection, however, because it is the only partner of the partnership, we know of disadvantage is more complete, can have the help to the development of. So what are the disadvantages of the partnership to the greatest impact on the partnership?


must take these disadvantages of seating, see progress in what kind of shortcomings of the project the greatest impact, I think is paranoid.

although there is a saying: only the paranoid survive, but small and micro entrepreneurs do not believe. It is the station producers in the seller’s market about the self, very easy to let yourself go astray. Today’s entrepreneurs are no longer a seller’s market, but the buyer’s market, only honestly maintain and communicate with consumers, in order to ensure the correct direction.

we are very tolerant to the pursuit of the perfect person is paranoid, pursue perfection in everything, can only let yourself lose the chance.

consumers do not require you to be perfect, as long as consumers seek value for money. You just need to walk on the road to perfection.

second bit more annoying disadvantage is arrogance, is blind self-confidence, always think that he is right, even if proved to be wrong, also refused to admit. This defect is not only increase the cost of communication, reduce the efficiency of the development, also for the false consensus: not to assume that people agree with yourself, for lack of evidence. The result is making the wrong decision.

third is a dream, just do not do, just do not do, but also to do too many people suspected of seven, and never look at the actual implementation of the difficulty of the eight.

fourth is conservative. Conservative as a style of work is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does not mean that any conservative investors should have equal returns, including their own investment time. Some people even ask for a high salary.

human nature of the shortcomings and disadvantages of the collision, must be a shot two scattered, the advantages and disadvantages of collision, will become inefficient.

clear understanding of the risk of selfish, then find out the shortcomings of human nature, and then go to find what kind of partners on the bottom of my heart.

on the road of entrepreneurship, we often have no way, had to choose a partnership venture. However, if the partner’s shortcomings have a great impact on the development of the later career, such a partnership is not desirable. So, if you are a partnership venture, you may wish to compare the shortcomings of partners.

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