Zhengzhou Xu Gaotie opened Zhengzhou to just 3 hours

great Comrade Deng Xiaoping once said: "to be rich, first road", with the continuous development of the economy, the economic exchanges around more and more closely, while the flow of people is also growing. The traditional mode of transportation, the longer the time, to bring great inconvenience to travel. However, under the guidance of a series of policies, Zhengzhou Xu Gaotie opened, Zhengzhou to Shanghai just over 3 hours, Xiamen on the small and detailed understanding of the next.

Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway lead, Zheng Xugao north and south. Central Plains to the East China high-speed rail broken road – Zheng Xugao iron, will be opened in September. Yesterday, the disclosure of the Zhengzhou Railway Bureau, Zheng Xu high-speed railway will open 46 of high-speed trains, and for the first time opened in Zhengzhou to Shanghai high-speed trains, the fastest just about 3 hours and 58 minutes arrived. High speed rail access to the city, Zhengzhou will be the first to open to Nanjing, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Qingdao, Yantai, Wenzhou and other cities high-speed train.

to open | Zhengzhou to Shanghai to open 20 of the fastest high-speed rail about 3 hours and 58 minutes

Zheng Xu high-speed railway opened, Zhengzhou to Shanghai will be the first to open high-speed rail, the fastest only about 3 hours and 58 minutes to arrive, half-way stop only Xuzhou and Nanjing station. Yesterday, the railway department released out of Zhengzhou to Shanghai Hongqiao high-speed rail trains. Early, Zhengzhou to Shanghai to hold an additional 20 pairs of trains, the train by Xu LAN high iron, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway to Shanghai Hongqiao.

Zheng Xu high-speed railway is open early, 46 pairs of high-speed rail, which, as the Zhengzhou Railway Bureau, a total of 13 trips. However, the railway department issued only train, did not release the train schedule, the railway authorities said that the recent inquiries through the 12306 website.

Zheng Xu high-speed railway opened, will improve the East China, Southern China, central and western regions of the high-speed rail network. So, some of the original go the other line, high-speed rail line detour, will be adjusted via Zheng Xugao iron. The Zhengzhou Railway Bureau, the release of the reform by Gao Tiezhong, involving a total of 9 pairs of high-speed rail trains.

highlights | high-speed rail for the first time in Hangzhou, Nanjing, Qingdao Unicom, Yantai and other popular tourist city

Zheng Xu high-speed rail opened, will make Zhengzhou one of the busiest high-speed rail line to the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, so that Zheng Xu high-speed rail and other 10 high-speed rail line unicom.

according to the reporter’s inquiry, Zheng Xu high-speed connection for the first time high-speed line includes: Nanjing Hangzhou high-speed railway and Hangzhou Ningbo high-speed railway, Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail, Wenzhou line, Hefei Bengbu high-speed rail, high-speed rail weal, Jiaoji line, Hangzhou high-speed rail, deep green Rongcheng, Shijiazhuang Taiyuan Passenger Dedicated line.

in addition to the first high-speed rail access to the first tier cities of Shanghai, there are other hot tourist cities. For example, Nanjing south to Xi’an North 1 recommendation

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