Retail business is indispensable

retail owner’s personality is different, the careful understanding may be different, some character is careless, however, shopkeepers care is too important, this careful not only related to the development of the supermarket, but also affect their business, in addition to the care can also make their own discovery a lot of problems, and then let the supermarket detours to avoid loss. If the retailer does not care, then it will naturally affect the operation of the supermarket. I used to be very careless, but after a few hit, I dare not careless.

once, because I be negligent, led to a has expired goods sold out, so I was embarrassed, because customers have come to the customer, said I cheated on him, but also for consumers’ Association, leaving me is beyond dispute. Blame me for carelessness, not regularly check, so that expired goods into the market. Afterwards, I apologized to the customer, and cover the losses, but the impact caused to me is very serious.

Not only did

lose that customer, but other customers were affected, so it took me a long time to make up for it. Since then, I will not dare to careless, because it will pay a painful price. If I always check the goods on a regular basis and find the date is approaching, then I will immediately adjust, after my efforts, no similar events have occurred, the customer’s response is particularly good. Their carelessness and carefulness is not the same.

another time, because of my carelessness, I made a mistake about two similar cigarettes. The customer was not at home, after the discovery, I bought him a box of cheap cigarettes, which makes customers suffered a loss, the customer immediately came to me afterwards, I can not stop. I was in a hurry, not careful, I apologize the apology to the customer.

customer said: "you really do business, how do not give me expensive? I got a box of cheap." In fact, I did not take this into account, is to take the wrong, it is likely to take expensive cigarettes, no matter how they are wrong, are not respect for customers, may cause losses to their own. After this stimulation, I was conquered again.

another time, my merchandise display problems, on one of my boxes and put them on the counter, because for a long time did not straighten out, customers in the hit counter, so the box will fall down, just hit the customer’s body, but did not cause huge losses, otherwise the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate. Afterwards, I filled with a thousand regrets. Since then, I have always been careful, so I avoid the loss.

if you can not be careful, it is possible to provide customers with services that can not satisfy them, and may even cause some loss

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