How to reduce the entrepreneurial venture on the road

venture is the risk that I think everyone knows, then how to reduce this risk? Let Xiaobian to answer it for you, there is a saying everyone knows that "business risk, the investment must be cautious, but in order to be able to earn money, many people choose to invest, but there are a lot of entrepreneurs in the business three years have failed, so in the business cost and business risk rising today, how to reduce the risk of venture investors?

1, before starting a business must have a comprehensive understanding of

on industry market environment

2, entrepreneurship is the innovation of the industry

3, entrepreneurship must make long-term preparations for the war, the accumulation of resources and experience

the first brand of ice cream Haagen Dazs, 8 years of consecutive losses for the market, Hong fluttering tea before success, selling 10 years popsicle, each will earn 1 cents. The success of any enterprise is not just to see the short sprint PK, more important in the long run under the adverse circumstances of the marathon competition. Many entrepreneurs once encountered wind sways grass died down. The reaction of the entrepreneurs in the defeat of the compression ability and dedication, want to make a big business must have a very strong, looking.

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