Ziyan subway chicken join advantage analysis

in the cooked food to join in the project regardless of consumption or investment, hit trust Ziyan subway chicken cooked to join the brand, because many of the cooked chicken to join in the project Ziyan subway has a relatively perfect management system, to provide investors with satisfactory service to join.

Ziyan subway chicken includes: supplier quality assurance, warehousing and transportation management, process control, hazard critical control point and standard operation, carry out product inspection release system, product traceability system, establish quality control plan of all aspects related to quality, all-round and advanced production technology and strict quality management guarantee system, to ensure product quality and food safety. Ziyan subway chicken nationwide to join, join the advantages are the following:

huge market prospects

hunger breeds discontentment. Today, the diet is not just to fill the stomach, people are more in pursuit of health, convenience, delicious and safe. The safe, standardized Deli is in line with this demand, especially the company’s brand cooperation Deli, with its unique taste more able to stand out from many competitors.

replicable success model

the company’s gross margin Deli general can reach about 50%, the small advantage of stores and less staff and industry, single store profit margins basically about 30%~40%. To a sales performance of the county general store, for example: the monthly turnover of 50000 yuan, due to sales performance in general, to remove the rent of water and electricity and personnel wages, profit margins can only reach 35%, the store’s monthly income of $17500. Success can be copied, as long as you operate carefully.

mature and perfect management team

company has experienced customer managers and technical consultants, you can help in every aspect of the shop. Training, shop, decoration, planning, personnel recruitment and business promotion, full support, eliminating all concerns of investors.

rich cooked food products

company is committed to creating taste of chicken and Pork Lungs in Chili Sauce has been in various cooperative store sales champion, spicy duck neck, clavicle, duck wings, cumin sauce duck hot oil, lotus trotter, tiger chicken, Chicken Feet with Pickled Peppers…… For the full range of custom custom belonging to their own Deli, to meet the needs of consumers, increasing the profitability of the store.

dominant brand image

company after years of careful operation, Sichuan Jiazhou hundred taste chicken with bright image of the store, humanized decor, rich and delicious dishes and other types of features in China set >

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