How to let the farmers happy business

fast-paced modern city life, coupled with a variety of fresh, healthy diet, so many people yearn for the countryside. Because of this, the farmhouse market will be hot up, however, now operating farmhouse shops also many, this requires managers to master the relevant skills. So, how to let the farmers happy business?

in the expanding urban agglomerations, regular leisure travel life, the emergence of "farmhouse" has its inevitability. As for "Nongjiale" this special way, how can we ensure the flourishing shop own business?

first to identify the cutting point, highlighting local characteristics. Because the farmhouse is the spread of the local culture, is the embodiment of the folk custom of simple and natural, the blind pursuit of luxury, simply put some entertainment city to move to the countryside is not desirable, must rely on the local culture, local conditions.

as the spring outing, the tourists enjoy the idyllic scenery, summer mountain mushrooms, fall into the orchard picking and other early adopters. Let the tourists to participate in the local daily life of rural production, taste authentic rural regional culture, which is a unique mode of operation.

secondly, identify consumer groups, improve service quality. At present, in our city, the choice of farmhouse tourism is generally the middle of the ability of consumers. To this end, the farmhouse to provide consumer services to highlight the characteristics of farmers, the price should be moderate. In particular, we should pay attention to diet, accommodation, health and environmental safety, so that visitors can eat at ease, have fun, happy to turn back.

third identify the direction of development, promote industrial management. It is understood that the current "Nongjiale" or in retail slack when operating mainly to show its advantages. It is not difficult to see from the "farmhouse" to carry out a number of successful tourist attractions, "farmhouse" must take the road of industrialization, in the form of a village or retail joint, the composition of the ecological village tourism. Joint reception, joint operation, interdependence, this piece of cake to get rich by tourism in order to get bigger, farmhouse in order to really happy farmhouse.

with the popularity of the farmhouse, the original can only receive a few, more than a dozen tourists gradually expand the size of the reception, the reception capacity of some farmers to reach dozens, even hundreds of people. The number of visitors, few people own home is busy, and the farmers home please waiters, cooks and other migrant workers, but these have not been training hard for the waiter tourists to provide authentic "farm" service.

to do so "Nongjiale" will take many forms, multi-channel training mode, strengthen the laws and regulations, the farmers’ Ideological and moral education, enable farmers to renew the idea, establish long-term development ideas, consciously regulate business behavior, improve service quality and service level.


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