How do the agriculture run Xu hui

someone just opened a shop, shouting too busy no free time. However, there are people not only runs a shop, there is a need to take into account the agriculture, and all two business is booming, let the envy of many shop operators at. The hero is on the sink, so, Xu Haihui is how to achieve "the commercial run"?

There is a new rush of cigarette retail stores –

Shandong Yantai Qixia Haiway Shewopo town Kuangcun. Although the store opening soon, but business is booming, cigarette sales and the structure of a number of business indicators and several surrounding villages are compared with the store".

to find out, I drove to the store to understand the operation of originality haiway. The store is located in the village of little shop, street location. The 46 year old Xu Haihui, in the store before, he is a genuine fruit. Today, Xu Hai Department of agriculture and commerce run ", in the business shop also contracted 6 acres of orchards. Xu Hui "commercial run" is how to do it? With the deepening of the conversation, the author’s heart finally solved the question.

aimed at the business sales and reputation double harvest


store gives the first impression is "full of goods". Although it is a rural retail store, but the store goods readily available.

see the goods I asked: "a superb collection of beautiful things, Xu brother, our village’s consumption level is not low ah!" After hearing Xu Haihui said with a smile: usually is not high, but some time ago Apple’s acquisition of the peak season, the farmer’s pockets bulging up, people have increased traffic. Therefore, the consumption level will enhance some."

originally, the village’s main income from Apple cultivation. Every year the spring after planting apple entered the investment period, a large amount of funds, the villagers will generally purchase low price cigarettes, high priced cigarettes sales were flat. But in the apple picking season, a busy year farmers harvest, purchasing power has been greatly improved. In addition, many customers come to buy apple to make the flow of people in the village increased, all of these factors to the stimulating effect on the cigarette sales Haiway store.

Xu Hui is aimed at this opportunity to actively communicate with the client manager, increase the order quantity and order some cigarettes, marketable higher priced cigarettes, to meet market demand. He also according to some of the villagers in orchard dining at noon, bought a lot of instant noodles, ham sausage, Salted Duck Egg, beer, beverage and other commodities, both for the convenience of the villagers meal, but also improve the customer satisfaction. In the words of Xu Guodong: "the villagers store full range of products, reasonable price, here we consume both convenient and affordable."

distribution and busy business two.

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