How to meet customer needs How to create value for customers

since dealing with customers, want to get customer recognition, naturally need to meet the needs of customers to a greater extent, and can create greater value for customers. However, although many people understand these, but how can we do not know. So, how to meet customer needs? How to create value for customers?

how to meet customer needs? This requires an in-depth understanding of customers, from the customer point of view to evaluate their products and services. But the customer will not clearly express what I need. As a result, understanding, digging and insight into the needs of customers has become an important effort. Krogh is the largest traditional grocery store chain, its general manager Dylan often dressed in jeans, and Saturday morning shopping crowds together with my mother to buy food, chat with her mother-in-law.


, she learned that the reason of customer purchases a specific commodity, know that they face what commodity packaging, what price, what, what ideas do you have. Close close observation of customers, in-depth communication with customers, has become a chain of this chain management. They are determined to use this method to become a better company Kroger street. In fact, in the low profit and highly competitive industry, the company achieved very good operating results.

how to create value for customers? It also needs to think from the customer’s position, and strive to make their products and services with different values. Jobs doesn’t seem to care much about customer surveys, he says. "It’s up to you to figure out what they need in the future." He asked his partner to put the phone in his tight jeans pocket, and then took it out and asked if they were comfortable.

this is to stand on the side of customers, to create value for customers. Japan has a special company to help if the production of high-level bedding famous. Recently, they work through the human body, in order to reduce the burden of the cervical spine for the application of technology, the introduction of a can make people fast sleep pillow. Although the pillow is 3 times the price of the pillow, it sells well. Customers say that even if it’s expensive, they will buy it because it’s worth it.

actually, want to make the customer satisfied, we do not need to constantly try to figure out, only need to take the customer as the customer, as their customers, so that you can know what customers really need, how will allow customers to provide services, what kind of goods will be sought after customer. So, if you are a businessman, now you know how to get the customer’s affirmation?

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